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In spite of working out and getting in shape, oftentimes certain body parts don’t seem to improve, some women even focus on muscles that firm up their breasts, even so, many still struggle to make their breasts firmer. Some women who exercise a lot might notice their breasts shrinking a bit, this is often because of fat loss, other women do not have a lot of breast tissue to start off with.

What some women may not realize is that there are natural methods women can use to make their breasts bigger, firmer, and fuller. In this article, I will tell about the best methods to make your breasts bigger without surgery.

I originally started looking into natural breast enlargement methods several years ago, I like to run a lot and what I found is that the impact from running seemed to put a strain on my breasts, I began using a good sports bra which did help, but my breasts still tended to sag a bit.

Natural breast enlargement is affordable

Doing some research I found several inexpensive ways to improve the look of my breasts many of the cost under $80.00, some of the methods I will mention will even make your breasts bigger.

If you are someone who wants to make your breasts bigger without surgery, I will tell you how.

One of the reasons many women choose breast enhancement methods without surgery is because it’s safer and cheaper.

The one things I should point out is that there are some limitations, but if you are persistent you can increase the size of your breasts by up to 3 cup sizes, in some extreme cases I have seen women increase the size of their breasts by up to 4 cup sizes bigger but these situations are rare.

If you want to achieve anything bigger than 3 cup sizes bigger surgery may be your only option.

The most common ways to make your breasts bigger without surgery include the following:

  • Vacuum therapy
  • Using breast creams and pills

Vacuum therapy

Using this method is first on my list because it’s affordable and in my opinion, the most effective way to grow your breasts.

Vacuum therapy uses suction to increase more blood flow into the breast tissue, this also boosts oxygen and generates new healthy fat tissue cells. This method is sometimes offered in beauty clinics but it can be expensive.

I did a lot of research on many vacuum pumps and found several different brands, I ended buying a Noogleberry breast pump. There are a few reasons why I chose the Noogleberry, one because it is easy to use, two, it’s reasonably priced, and three its made of durable plastic that will last forever.

The Noogleberry pump cost under $80.00 and includes the following:

  • Two breast cups
  • One Y connector
  • Clear plastic tubing
  • Hand pump
  • Carrying case
  • Printed instruction manual

When ordering the Noogleberry you have the option of choosing a breast cup size and type of breast cup.

The basic system comes with regular cups which will work just fine, however they also sell contoured breast cups that offer better comfort. They also sell a contoured airlock cup which lets you detach the cups from the pump allowing you to move around freely while doing activities around the house.

Noogleberry Medium Airlock System
Shown Here Noogleberry System with Medium Airlock Cups $80.00

How to use the Noogleberry

Using the Noogleberry is not hard at all, once you receive your kit you will have everything you need to get started pumping and making your breasts bigger.

  1. After you unpack your Noogleberry you connect the breast cups to the Y connector and the clear plastic tubing.
  2. You then attach the silicone tube to the hand pump.
  3. Place a breast cup over each breast and begin to squeeze the hand pump to create a vacuum on your breasts.

The tricky part is getting the breast cups to stay on while creating a vacuum.

We recommend massaging your breasts for a couple of minutes before pumping, its best to use a moisturizing cream or lotion (organic cocoa or shea butter works well) this will help the cups stick better.

If you are sitting or standing you can place the cups and create suction, some women find it easier to lay down on the bed or sofa and place the cups over your breasts and begin to pump this can make things a lot easier.

Noogleberry Pump

Pumping time

When you first begin to pump the recommended time is about 15-20 minutes per session, you can then increase the pumping time longer. I personally pump for up to an hour, sometimes I will pump for 30 minutes, then remove the cups for 10 minutes and resume for another 30 minutes, for me, this has yielded the best results.

Final thoughts on using vacuum therapy

Using vacuum therapy is one of the best ways to make your breasts bigger without surgery. I personally have been able to make, this after pumping for 8 months my goal is 3 cup sizes, reading many of the different forums seems like this is possible but it takes time.

Breast creams

Breast creams are another great way to make your breasts bigger without surgery, besides giving you a slight increase in breast size, they can also make your breasts firmer, fuller, and reduce sagging.

Some women may already know that they can add improve the look of their breasts, doing weight exercises that focus on your chest can increase the underlying muscles and reduce sagging. On top of the muscles yo have fatty tissue, milk ducts, and ligaments that help hold the breasts in place.

Breast Cream in a Jar

Using a breast cream can help strengthen the underlying ligaments and milk ducts. Many breast creams contain ingredients that will increase breast volume, for example, Volufiline is an ingredient found in many breast creams that can help increase breast volume.

How breast creams work

If you read the ingredients on many of the labels you will find things like black cohosh, dandelion root, and Pueraria Mirifica. These are herbs that contain plant estrogens, these work to increase estrogen levels naturally making your breasts fuller and firmer.

There are many different breast creams sold, its best to take a careful look at the labels in breast creams to make sure they contain some at least two of the ingredients mentioned above.

Volufiline is a natural extract of the sarsaparilla root, this is one ingredient clinically proven to increase breast size by 8.6% this might not seem like much but it is.

Whats a good breast cream to use?

There are several, a lot of you might first start looking on Amazon for breast creams which is fine, what you will find is that many of them are expensive and the ingredients are rather sparse with a few exceptions.

Natureday is a breast cream sold on Amazon, it contains many good ingredients and has been a big seller among both men and women. Yes, the formula works so well that men who want to enhance the look of their breasts turn to Natureday.

Natureday breast cream

What I love about the Natureday product line is that they sell tonics, creams, pills, and a soothing moisturizing soap for your breasts.

I normally don’t recommend buying Natureday from Amazon because you don’t get the customer service or support that you do when buying from the Natureday website.

Even if you are not looking for a breast cream you may want to take a look at their website a look at their before and after testimonials, there are some impressive results there.

Vollure is another good breast cream and one of the few brands that contain the patented ingredient Volufiline, Vollure can give your breasts a nice increase in size but don’t expect too much.

Vollure breast cream

Using Vollure for a couple of months will give you about a one-cup increase in bust size, this is still not bad. It also does a good job at making your breasts fuller and firmer, a lot of women love the effect it can have on reducing sagging breasts.

There are other brands that can help make your breasts bigger, these include Breast Actives and Total Curve which are more commercial brands.  These commercial brands include breast cream and pills but are more expensive than the products mentioned in this article.

Final thoughts

If you have been looking for a safe way to make your breasts bigger without surgery the methods above work well.

I should point out that if you are looking for anything more than a 3 cup size increase, breast surgery is the only way. If all you want is 2-3 three cup sizes bigger these natural methods will do wonders.


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