Tummy Exercises for a Firmer Stomach

Tummy Exercises for a Firmer Stomach

If you’ve decided to finally dedicate yourself to losing weight, it’s important to learn a few tummy exercises for women. Many programs on the market are designed to help men develop their “six-pack abs;” but that is not your goal. Your goal is to get a firmer, tighter tummy, and to feel wonderful about yourself while doing it!

Your first step is to realize that using tummy exercises for women is only part of an overall plan to lose weight and get healthy. You could do a thousand crunches a day but, if you aren’t exercising your total body and eating well, it won’t do any good.

It doesn’t matter how tight your abs are, if they are covered in a layer of fat then nobody (including you) will ever know. And the only way to truly get rid of that layer of fat is through a good exercise program that also includes cardio, and a good diet – then you will get the kind of women’s weight loss you are after and lose stomach fat in the process!

However, as women, we all know that regardless of how well we eat or much we exercise, we need to target that “problem pooch area” that we all fight.

And, as women, many of us are far too busy to dedicate hours in the gym every day; so here are three tummy exercises for women that you can do at home, in just twenty minutes a day.

Keep in mind that the ideal time to do any exercise is in the morning; this helps wake up your body and jump-starts your metabolism for the day. However, if your morning schedule just won’t allow it, then you can even do these at night while watching TV!

Both of the exercises below can be done in less than 20 minutes making them a great way to achieve firmer abdominal muscles.

  • Tummy crunch
  • Ball ball crunch

Tummy Crunch

If you haven’t exercised in many years, then you might not know that the mentality behind tummy exercises for women has changed. Gone are the days of the full-blown “sit up;” that is far too hard on your lower back. Instead, do what we call a “crunch.”

It is a small movement; so small you might wonder if it’s working at all, but keep doing them and you’ll be surprised how quickly you see results!

Lie on your back with your knees bent and shoulder-width apart, and your feet are flat on the floor. Be sure that your back is flat and completely supported on the floor.

Clasp your hands behind your head, and keep your elbows out. The idea is not to use your elbows to pull yourself up; if you can see your elbows from the side of your eyes then you’re in the wrong position.

Using your lower abdomen, slowly pull your abdomen in toward the floor and raise up a few inches. Again, do not do a full sit-up. Only raise your upper body a few inches off the floor, so that your shoulders are lifted off the floor down to your shoulder blades.

Slowly, using your abdomen to control all movements, descend back down, and start again. Exhale as you go down; breathing is very important. Do as many as it takes to feel a burn, then keep going for another ten repetitions.

Do not try to rush these or see how fast you can do them; just like the full sit-up, gone are the days of trying to do a thousand sit-ups a minute. Take your time and do it right, and you will see results much more quickly.

Tummy Ball Crunch

One of the most effective tummy exercises for women is the “ball crunch.” You have seen the large blow-up balls that are popular now for exercising; you can find one at any Target, Wal-Mart, or exercise store, usually for around $10-$20.

The philosophy behind the ball crunch is that, due to the instability of the ball, you are using your entire “core body” to keep your body balanced. This uses many more muscles than just the muscles you are targeting with your exercise and forces them to work together to create your perfect body.

Once you’ve followed the instructions in setting up your fitness ball, clear an area in your room around you. Carefully balancing yourself, sit on the edge of the ball, and position your bum on the edge so you’re almost falling off.

Lay back so that your feet are shoulder-width apart and your feet are flat on the floor. The small of your back should be supported comfortably by the ball, and your upper torso should be “hanging off” the ball.

Clasp your hands behind your head, with elbows to the side. Again, do not use your elbows to lift you up; you should not be able to see your elbows.
Use the same “crunch” method as outlined above, keeping your movement small, concentrated, and controlled.

Do as many as it takes to feel a burn, then keep going for another ten repetitions. If you are motivated, take a break and repeat the process again!

Using these two tummy exercises for women, you can get a tighter tummy in just twenty minutes a day. Combine these with a good diet and cardio exercise program, and you’ll be looking and feeling sexy, beautiful, and healthy in no time at all!


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