How to Become a Fitness Model: What it Takes to Be The Best

In recent years, the fitness industry has grown more open in an attempt to represent all body types equally. Consequently, the demand for perfect representatives of those body types has also grown. But, what does one have to do in order to become a fitness model?

It turns out that many people ask that question. So, we did research in an attempt to find the answer.

If we wanted to become fitness models, just being in great shape and looking pretty for the camera wouldn’t suffice. Even though the end result looks painless, working in the fitness modeling industry day-to-day would require serious dedication. So, we came up with these basic guidelines that could help us when starting out in this line of business.

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#1: The Physical Requirements

Some modeling niches are infamous for having strict physical requirements for their models. Luckily, this reputation doesn’t apply to fitness modeling.

For a fitness model, their body type is more important than the actual measurements. It is very important that their bodies are fit and lean, and their muscle tone firm. Therefore, we would have to look healthy, and our bodies would have to be toned in order to be considered for a fitness modeling job. Naturally, a pretty face, shiny hair, and a nice smile are always a plus.

Being in great physical shape is not only required because muscles look good in photos. It is also because photoshoots can often be grueling experiences. Obviously, the great shots that we see on social media are not the results of just one take. More often than not, models are required to repeat a particular move or exercise numerous times.

Aside from great physical stamina and beautiful physique, there aren’t many limits to what we need to look like in order to be fitness models. As long as our look is marketable and appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers, we will not be out of work.

#2: A Daily Exercise Routine Is a Must

Speaking of the physical requirements for a fitness model, we must not forget that working out on a daily basis is of the utmost importance. Looking a certain way at all times is not as easy as it sounds, and we need to take care of our bodies all year round. So, no matter how busy the schedule gets, we have to work our exercise routine into it.

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The main reason to stay fit is that marketable fitness models must have a camera-ready body. So, we have to be ready to work on our abs and muscles every day. It will not only improve our chances of landing a job but also do wonders for our self-esteem.

#3: Getting Discovered

If there’s one thing we learned from our research, it’s that there’s more to a fitness modeling career than just being beautiful.

What’s our product?

As aspiring fitness models, we first need to sit down and find out what makes us stand out from others in the industry. Our so-called product is what we should focus on nourishing, aside from our physical stamina and physique. It is what will generate exposure as well as attract sponsors, modeling scouts, and hopefully, serious fitness modeling agencies.

The ‘Accidental’ Model

Agencies often discover new fitness models accidentally – in malls, in restaurants, on social media. Someone could notice us and approach us when we least expect it. In addition, we could try taking part in various fitness photo contests online, for example.

The ‘Proactive’ Fitness Model

However, not all of us are willing to sit and wait to be discovered. In case we want to be proactive about pursuing our fitness modeling career, we need to efficiently generate a presence in the industry. Breaking into the fitness modeling industry is possible from several different directions.

Building a professional portfolio is the best way to start. Not only will it be important when we go to open calls, but it will also give us a chance to learn how to work with professional photographers. It never hurts to practice.

Once we’ve built a portfolio, we should start contacting agencies. We should send them photos and go to any open calls that seem compelling. Naturally, there is a significant chance for rejection, especially during the first few appearances. But, that should not scare us off. Rejection is a big part of the modeling business, and the sooner we learn how to deal with it, the better.

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Aside from sharing and offering our photos, we can take part in a bikini or figure fitness competitions. They are another great way to attract sponsors and the attention of modeling agencies. Moreover, these competitions are a great opportunity for networking and making business connections.

In case we know more about fitness, we can try our hand at advising others or writing fitness-related articles.

In any case, building a name in the modeling industry is not easy. But, it is possible if we’re willing to put a lot of effort into it.

#4: Being a Freelancer that is Always on Call

Our research showed that most rookie fitness models find it very challenging to be at the agency’s disposal at pretty much all times. In fact, as fitness models, we will rarely have the luxury of knowing our schedule in advance. Not being able to predict same-day casting calls and job bookings can make organizing our lives very challenging.

What’s more, the freelancing nature of the industry makes the paychecks very inconsistent, especially in the beginning. We will sometimes have to accept other forms of payment, such as products or clothing. In some extreme cases, we might even have to agree to work for free. Taking all of this into account, it is a good idea to have a stable “day” job while still breaking through in the business.

A Piece of Mind

We started this research not knowing how challenging the job of a fitness model can be. To do it well, we have to be highly motivated, committed and in love with the fitness model lifestyle. We not only got answers but also gained a lot of respect for people who pursue a career in this modeling niche. Just like them, we are sure that working hard pays off if we love what we’re doing.

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