Elizabeth Kociański – Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix

Elizabeth Kociański is a professional American wrestler, better known as Beth Phoenix on the ring. She entered the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where she wrestled for Smackdown.

She is well known for being a popular WWE Diva champion and three-time champion of women’s WWE.

What Makes Elizabeth outstanding is that she was one of the youngest wrestlers to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

Beth Phoenix had a successful wrestling career in university before she was trained by All Knighters. After she began wrestling in May 2001, she wrestled in many independent tournaments, and she was the inaugural GLORY Champion.

She also appeared in the inaugural Shimmer Shows. In the year 2004, she started working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), and signed a contract with WWE Raw in May 2006, however she suffered from a fractured jaw the month after that.

As a result, she had to go through many operations and returned to OVW for further training. While she was there, she won the OVW Women’s Championship twice; although both titles were not officially acknowledged.

Beth returned to Raw in July 2007, and dominated other Divas and gained the title “The Glamazon”. She won the WWE Women’s Championship title in a No Mercy pay-per-view show in October 2007 and kept the title for six months.

In the storyline, she developed a relationship with Santino Morella; known as “Glamarella”, and won the Women’s Championship for the second time in August 2008, though later she lost the title in January 2009.

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In January 2010, she became the second woman in history who participated in the Royal Rumble match. She won the third Women’s Championship title in April and retained the title for a month.

Beth Phonex Retired in 2012 so she could focus on her two daughters and husband Adam Copeland who is also famous in WWE and known as the Edge.

On February 2017 Beth was an inducted at the age of 36 in the women WWE world hall of fame making her the youngest female wrestler in history to be added to the list of WWE wrestlers.

In 2018 Beth competed in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble matchmaking her the only female wrestler who has participated in both the men and women’s royal rumble events.

Stats :

Name: Beth Phoenix
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150 lbs
Birth: November 24, 1980
Bust: 40
Waist: 25
Hips: 44




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