Female Steroid Side Effects

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Female Steroid Side Effects: Why Women Should Avoid Them

The used of steroids is a topic that most female bodybuilders and fitness models do not like openly discuss. Some may be ashamed of what it can ultimately do to their body, but when you see a woman with big bulging muscles the obvious speaks for itself.

Yes, women who compete in pro bodybuilding competitions do take steroids, it is the only way women can actually increase the size of their muscles to massive proportions.

Women who lift weights struggle with gaining muscle and this is normal.

Men gain muscle easily because of testosterone, the more testosterone men have the more muscle they can pack on.

If you do some careful research, you will find many forums where women are constantly asking what steroids they should take and the ones they should avoid.

Why women should not take steroids?

The main reason women should avoid taking anabolic steroids is that they can cause mild to severe health issues. This is followed by physical transformations that are referred to as masculinization and virilization.

There is a difference between the term masculinization and virilization [efn_note]https://wikidiff.com/masculinization/virilizationVirlization and Masculinization,[/efn_note] the difference being:

Virilization is a term used when women acquire primary male sexual characteristics found in men such as excess body hair or deepening of the voice.

Masculinization is referred to when women begin to take on primary male sexual characteristics such as enlargement of the clitoris due to high amounts of steroids that increase testosterone.

Regardless of the side effects, many women will still take a risk and consider taking an anabolic steroid.

After all, there are female friendly steroids, right?

Not exactly…

Just about every anabolic steroid sold is a derivative of testosterone, some are milder than others, however, they can all cause symptoms of masculinization.

These symptoms will vary, a lot depends on the dose and how long you take them.

But I keep on hearing about female steroids that do not cause side effects.

Well, you heard wrong, because there is no such thing, yet people will tell you otherwise.

The fact is, there are just a couple of steroids that are considered female-friendly.

So what is considered a female-friendly steroid

A female-friendly steroid is not a safe steroid, it is just an anabolic substance that will cause fewer side effects than others.

Let’s take a look.


Anavar is often considered a female-friendly steroid, but it’s not.

Why is Anavar considered a woman-friendly steroid?

Because in low doses (generally anything less than 10mg) it has fewer side effects than when taking other steroids and it is not as toxic to the liver.

The problem with any anabolic substance is that it will affect every woman differently.

Some women may only experience mild side effects, others may experience, bloating, irregular menstrual periods, and mild to severe acne.

In high doses these [efn_note]https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-53226/anavar-oral/details/list-sideeffects[/efn_note]side effects can become worse.

More severe side effects from taking Anavar may include:

  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Deepening of the voice
  • High cholesterol
  • Excess facial and body hair
  • Male pattern baldness

Any woman who may consider taking Anavar is essentially experimenting with themselves because the reaction is different with every woman.

Why do women take Anavar?

Women will take Anavar to increase muscle, strength, and to reduce excess body fat.


Primobolan is another popular steroid used by women, it is used to help increase muscle and eliminate body fat.

And yes, it is also considered female-friendly but it can still have effects of masculinization.

Primobolan was originally used to treat people who suffered from certain muscle wasting diseases.

Female bodybuilders use Primobolan during cutting cycles.


Because Primobolan helps increase nitrogen retention and prevents your body from going into a catabolic state where you begin to lose muscle.

Primobolan helps bind androgen receptors which results in fat loss.

Primobolan also helps boost your immune system which is one of the reasons the steroid is used for treating AIDS patients.

Primobolan is mildly [efn_note]https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306987716302158[/efn_note]hepatoxic so it does not affect the liver as much as other steroids.

The problem with Primobolan is that it is very expensive plus it is very hard to find genuine Primobolan.

A lot of underground labs and pharmacies will sell you Dianabol labeled as Primobolan, this is even worse because the side effects of Dianabol are much more severe.

What about other anabolic steroids?

Anavar and Primobolan are what are considered mild steroids, other steroids you hear about like Winstrol, Deca, Anadrol and Trenbolone cause more severe side effects.

Women should avoid steroids altogether, that is unless they are prescribed by your doctor to treat certain medical conditions.

If you are considering taking an anabolic steroid to transform your body any professional trainer will tell you.

“Take a look at your diet first”

Instead of spending your money on steroids, most women would be better off hiring a part-time nutritionist who specializes in bodybuilding and knows what it takes to increase lean muscle and eliminate body fat.

This can be accomplished by increasing protein, lowering your carbohydrate intake, and increasing your cardio workouts.

Have you considered a legal steroid alternative?

Legal steroids are often overlooked and can have positive benefits for women.

legal steroid is stronger than regular supplements and can help you burn fat, increase strength, and transform your body just like a fitness model.

Sure, it may take a little longer, but as long as you get the same results who cares, isn’t your health worth more?


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