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Legal Steroids do They Really Work?

Like most supplements, the term Crazy Bulk and legal steroids, for the most part, can be considered a scam, especially when the name or the intent of the product is misleading.

What I personally do not like is someone trying to sell me something that that is supposed to give me results that are impossible to achieve.

If you read the label on most Crazy Bulk products you will find is that they are just supplements.

Anything sold as a legal steroid is in the first place misleading because there is no such thing.

From a realistic standpoint, there are supplements that are similar to Crazy Bulk that offer ingredients that are more potent but then again they do not try to pass their products off as something that they are not.

Before purchasing a legal steroid please read the labels

Most legal steroids contain just traces of whey proteins, vitamins, and minerals that will do little to help you improve strength or help you gain muscle.

However, there are some products that can have an impact on improving your physique and increase energy levels which may have an impact on your training.

Now, my comments are coming from a woman’s perspective and here is what I have found.

Doing a simple search when looking for legal steroids for women I found two products Anvarol from CrazyBulk and Sutolex from Max Gains.

Crazy Bulk claims that Anvarol is just as good as the steroid Anavar, while Max Gains Sutolex just says its a dietary supplement made for women.

What you get with Crazy Bulk Anvarol

If you take a close look at the supplement facts for Anvarol, it is basically a supplement that is a far cry from the steroid Anavar.

The formula has 450mg of whey protein which is about 3 times what the average person needs every day, while it is enough for the average woman, if you train hard with a lot of intensity it’s not enough.

Legal Anavar

What whey protein does is helps repair bones and muscles.

Soy protein contains essential amino acids that can be useful when working out because it can help speed up muscle recovery and repair muscle tissue.

BCAA’s are essential branched-chain amino acids, and wild yam root has been shown to improve liver health, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.

So will Anvarol help you get massive?

NO, not really, but it does have nutrients that may help slightly improve energy and performance in the gym, however, Anavarol is not more potent than other sports supplements.

Now let’s take a look at Sutolex from Max Gains

Sutolex for Women is labeled as a muscle and strength anabolic alternative for women (not a legal steroid) If you take a close look at the ingredients they are actually decent.

Sutolex contains Zinc an essential mineral that men and women need, it helps to increase protein synthesis wound healing and strengthens the immune system.

Sutolex Safe Primobolan Alternative

Sutolex contains a variety of B vitamins.

B vitamins are essential for keeping your body running they help maintain healthy hormones and energy as well as helps you stay energized throughout the day. Sutolex also contains L-Arginine and L-Tyrosine which are essential amino acids you need to help boost energy and focus.

Sutolex also contains Dong Quai root (balances estrogen levels) Ginkgo Biloba (improves circulation in the muscles and brain) Mucuna Pruriens (improves energy and endurance) It is obvious that Sutolex has ingredients that are suited for improving workout performance and then some.

So are legal steroids a scam?

It all depends on how you look at the products, in the case of Crazy Bulk I guess we can say it is a scam, why? Because they are selling a product that claims one thing but really does not have ingredients that will do much for you.

In the case of Sutolex in all fairness, it does have many good ingredients that are beneficial for improving overall health and strength.

At the end of the day, my recommendation is before buying anything be smart and READ the labels carefully so you understand what you are getting before spending your money.

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