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Flabby Arms

3 Great Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Women’s arm exercises are often difficult to find, especially good ones so I thought it about time to unveil my 3 favorite women’s arm exercises which involve virtually no external equipment – two of these are performed using only your body weight, the other utilizing a resistance band or a dumbbell.

Each exercise can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can be modified depending on fitness levels although these are somewhat more advanced exercises that will give superior results. Use these women’s arm exercises and you’ll soon notice that getting rid of chicken wings is not only possible – it’s mandatory!

Before I reveal my favorite women’s arm exercises it is necessary to remind you that the amount of fat on your arms is directly related to how much extra weight you are carrying overall as well as how toned and defined your arms are.

You cannot spot reduce fat from one area of your body and no matter how many toning arm exercises you do, if you’re seriously overweight those toned muscles won’t be visible because they will be buried underneath a whole heap of fat! Be sure to combine these women’s arm exercises with a diet for women and regular cardio routines if you want to show off slender, toned and sexy arms at the beach or on vacation.

With that said, on with our women’s arm exercises in no particular order although you can create a routine using all 3 of these arm exercises. If you decide to go with a fully-fledged fat arms exercise routine my advice would be to perform it no more than 2 times per week and to ensure that you have a couple of days off between routines.

Tricep Push Up

This type of push up will give you incredibly toned arms, in fact, it could well be the best arm exercise of women who are looking to lose their chicken wings but be aware that it is a very tough exercise.

To begin, lie on your stomach and place your hands close to your shoulders with your fingers pointing upwards. Slowly push yourself up from the start position driving upwards hard with your triceps until your arms are fully extended, once at the top of your movement pause briefly before descending to the start position but don’t relax on the floor once you get there! Simply pause and continue with your repetitions.

Ensure your elbows are tucked in close to your body throughout the exercise or else you begin to work the chest more than the arms and keep your abs braced with your body in a straight line – do not push your hips up or let your belly drop.

For a more advanced version of this exercise which will give your triceps the extra burn try placing your hands in a diamond shape with fingers and thumbs touching throughout. As with any women’s arm exercises, make sure you start slowly – try to build up to 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Tricep Bench Dip

This is one of those extremely interesting women’s arm exercises which works not only the triceps but also the abs and shoulders helping improve both core and upper-body strength and absolutely helping to tone your arms.

It is a variation of the classic tricep dip and is much more advanced. Start by sitting on the edge of a bench and place your hands by your sides then slowly inch off the bench walking your feet out until knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Begin the movement by simultaneously bending your elbows and lowering yourself downwards whilst lifting your right knee towards your chest before pushing your upper body back upwards and lowering your leg back to the start position.

Repeat this movement for 6-12 times depending on your level of fitness and then switch to the other leg. Make sure you don’t descend beyond 90 degrees during the movement.

Overhead Tricep Extension

The final of our women’s arm exercises utilizes is a resistance band or a single dumbbell which can be picked up at most sports stores or on Amazon for very cheap.

Performing the exercise with Theraband.

Begin by placing one end of the band behind your back holding it with one arm the other end in your right hand – make sure you have a good grip – you may want to wrap it around your hand for added security.

Bend the elbow of your right arm so that it is pointing upwards, your hand should be behind you. Now begin the movement by straightening your arm until your hand is pointing upwards, pause briefly before slowly lowering back to the start point. Repeat for a total of 8-12 reps before moving on to your other arm.

Using a dumbbell

Sit on a bench or sturdy chair, grab the dumbbell make a triangle underneath with your palms holding the underside of the dumbbell see (see video below) carefully bring the dumbbell back over your head keep elbows close to your ears, lower the dumbbell down and then push up and squeeze the triceps, perform 8-12 reps 3-4 sets.

These women’s arm exercises are really effective and when used within a fully-fledged fitness routine and alongside a top-quality, proven weight loss diet plan they will help you get toned arms and lose arm fat! Chicken wings will soon be a thing of the past when you utilize this type of women’s arm exercises – use these quality arm exercises for women regularly and you really can’t go wrong!

Final thoughts

Eliminating flabby arms is not hard, the triceps are the biggest part of the arm, doing the above exercises can make the triceps muscle firmer and fuller, not to mention you will gain overall arm strength.


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