6 Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make

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Common Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make

Fat Loss Mistakes can ruin your goal to shed some pounds or to get into shape. People try hard to shed that extra flab around their waistline but sometimes they fail to achieve their goal. There are a few common mistakes a lot of women make.

It is true that women tend to store more fat than men, it is just physiologically the way nature works.

What is an optimal body fat for women?

A lot depends on age, normal body fat in women between the ages of 20-50  are between 21%-31%. Those numbers are what is considered optimal levels, older women tend to carry around more body fat.

Lower body fat can improve muscle tone and definition.

When trying to eliminate body fat it is always important for women to put their health first. A lot of women will go to extreme measures to lose weight which are often times, not healthy. It is important to take a sensible approach and have some patience when losing weight.

1. Quick and fast weight loss is never good

This is the biggest mistake that women make when trying to lose extra weight. Setting an unrealistic fat loss expectation or goal can lead to failure.

even if you want to get back into shape within 8 or 10 weeks. Even if you follow an extremely good diet pattern, how could you expect to get rid of all the fats that you have gained over 4 to 5 years?

People sometimes use pills to get rid of unwanted body fat without realizing the side effects they can cause. Besides that, as soon as you stop taking those pills, you usually end up gaining back the weight you lost.

This is not what you want, right? you have to remember fat loss requires continuous efforts and no shortcuts.

This way you will not only lose the weight, but you will be able to get rid of It permanently over the long term.

2. The Same Routine does not work for everyone

Sometimes you see other women following a certain exercise routine, however, what works for them may not work for you.

This is normal, you have to find a routine suited for your metabolism, some women do better with strength training while others can eliminate more body fat with long cardio sessions.

The basic logic behind this is that everyone is different and it is not mandatory that a particular routine that is effective for one person should also give you the same results.

With different body types and metabolisms, everyone responds to a change in a different manner. You need to figure out your body type.

There are three basic body types Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

Ectomorph type people are generally skinny people and fat loss tends to be easy for them but they find It hard to gain muscle.

A Mesomorpha is usually in between having a slightly thicker frame and are able to gain some muscle.

Endomorph type of women usually find it difficult to eliminate body fat. They gain weight very quickly and their body is built towards the bulky side.

Al you need to do is to find out your body type and get a diet pattern and workout routine that suits you.

3. Looking for consistent fat loss every week

This is another factor that may demotivate some women. It usually happens that a person loses a decent amount of fat within the first three to four weeks, after that they reach a sticking point.

So, whenever this happens, treat it as a normal thing. You may shed more than expected at a particular time or during the first few weeks but it’s important to remember that discipline and consistency is the key to long term fat loss results.

4. Deal with setbacks

Getting results totally depends on your efforts and commitment. Sometimes, it happens that you try hard for some time but you do not see visible results.

Many of us decide to quit after we fail to see the results. This is not the way to deal with setbacks. Rather keep the attitude of NEVER QUITTING. If you deal with all your setbacks a bump in the road is no reason to stop, you need to continue with your efforts until you have reached your long term fat loss goals.

5. Eating less is not always good

It is a general assumption that you need to eat less for faster fat loss. Depending on your weight and workout routine, you need to choose your food wisely, this does not mean eating less, eating less may prevent you from getting the required calories and nutrients for proper functioning of the body, when this happens you end up losing muscle but not body fat.

There are certain foods you should consider that will help you increase muscle without gaining fat.

Not only that you may risk slowing down your bodies metabolism which can prevent your body from burning more body fat. What you are telling your body is to preserve its fat stores for the future which causes you to gain weight.

On the other hand, if you eat the right amount of calories and eat planned meals you will maintain a healthy metabolism.

6. You don’t get enough sleep

Studies show that people who sleep at least 8 hours are healthier than those that sleep less. Not enough sleep can make blood sugar levels unstable. This can slow the bodies metabolism down which is not good for those trying to lose weight. So, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.


Losing body fat is more about common sense than anything else, it just takes a bit of commitment, some exercise, and a proper diet, If you follow a few simple guidelines you too can achieve an incredible looking body, the important thing is to be consistent with your efforts.

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  1. Erika Fowler

    Tip number 3 is my favorite, it has always been my biggest mistake expecting that I would lose weight every week. This will not happen, especially if you lift weights, muscle density weighs more, the best thing to do is not pay atention to your weight rather how your clothes begin to fit you.

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